Week 2 – A Matter of Perspective

I will be back here tomorrow or Sunday, but quick update is this week my paper gain/loss was a loss of $1,543.  So ostensibly I missed my weekly goal.  But, I do not consider this a loss per se.  I consider that tuition money at worst.  But, the reality is that it’s a paper loss – that is it is not an actual amount of money lost.

That said, this fund’s biggest holding -IDRA remains just that. I remain bullish on it, and rather than taking my profits earlier in the week, and book my weekly goal, i decided to hold strong and take the paper loss.  Only time will prove me right or wrong.  There is obviously a divergence between the MACD on the weekly and the price action for this week.  Furthermore, the daily is out of sync with the uptrend as seen in the weekly MACD.  If anything, this sets up a new buy signal trigger waiting for confirmation.  My take: MMs ran stops as this is a low float bio and big funds want to accumulate.  That is how they get shares, they shake out “weak hands.”  More to come as I have time to analyze my week.  As usual, all the best! Brad




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