Week 2-Update



Well, quick update.  My stops triggered in IDRA.  Looks like it wasn’t ready to break out yet, that headfake to 5.55 was a real bummer.  I still think it will break out, just not yet.  I ended up selling out of my position; preservation of capital.  I can always get back in.

I did make two buys, hopefully I didn’t have “itchy fingers.”  But, I saw opportunity and I pounced.  From the charts you can clearly see a nice breakout on BLUE and GILD.  I bought the breakouts and expect much higher prices from both – decent sized bases.  But, as always, I must be ready to cut my losses on a dime – no hesitation.  It is quite the tight-rope between hoping and cutting the losses but a journey that I hope gets easier with expereince.  I will be out of town this weekend, but if I can find a computer (and some time), I will update my weekly numbers.  Until then, best wishes. -Brad


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