Weekly Update 2/22/2014

Hi guys.  This week I sold EQT and WHZ.  EQT was very profitable but was acting a too little sluggish for me.  A warning sign perhaps, or just some consolidation after a great move.  It still looks relatively good and I may jump back in.  The MACD stalled a little on the daily and there was a “bearish shooting star.”  My purchase this week was QCOR.  Now, QCOR is not for the faint of heart.  It is a very volatile stock.  But, earnings this week on Tuesday (I believe after the bell), and 25% short float.  With a good showing, QCOR could trigger a massive short squeeze propelling it much much higher.  But, of course if the showing is bad things could get ugly quick.  A read of the chart though suggests a huge run coming because as I have marked, QCOR has broken out on both the daily and weekly charts and held the level.  This would be a pivot point and I think a good spot for me to buy, which I did.  Good luck 🙂




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