Week 2.1 – Sold IDRA

Hi Guys, so I don’t forget my reasoning and can look back at it (as well as you guys):  IDRA rebounded nicely today, as I suspected it might.  But, once again could not break through 5.55 level resistance.  This is concerning short term and alerted me that profit taking may be in order.  I got out near the bell when I saw we were not going to test 5.55 again today.  I took profits at 5.00.  The market looked weak overall.  We will see if I get back in tomorrow or hold off for some better spots to add.  -Brad

Account value: $14,391.69


Week 2 – A Matter of Perspective

I will be back here tomorrow or Sunday, but quick update is this week my paper gain/loss was a loss of $1,543.  So ostensibly I missed my weekly goal.  But, I do not consider this a loss per se.  I consider that tuition money at worst.  But, the reality is that it’s a paper loss – that is it is not an actual amount of money lost.

That said, this fund’s biggest holding -IDRA remains just that. I remain bullish on it, and rather than taking my profits earlier in the week, and book my weekly goal, i decided to hold strong and take the paper loss.  Only time will prove me right or wrong.  There is obviously a divergence between the MACD on the weekly and the price action for this week.  Furthermore, the daily is out of sync with the uptrend as seen in the weekly MACD.  If anything, this sets up a new buy signal trigger waiting for confirmation.  My take: MMs ran stops as this is a low float bio and big funds want to accumulate.  That is how they get shares, they shake out “weak hands.”  More to come as I have time to analyze my week.  As usual, all the best! Brad



Week 1 (2 days…) 2014 – Goal Portfolio Update

Hi Guys, so calculated that I need to compound a return of about 25 percent per month in order to turn this portfolio into $100K.  As a note of semantics, the account where this portfolio is located is the actual item we want to reach $100K.  I do not want to necessarily call it a “portfolio” as a portfolio does not include funds that are not invested.  So, we are referring to the account value as a total when I say I want to turn this goal portfolio into 100K. As a smart investor, there is no need to be fully invested at certain times and vice versa. Likewise, I will not always use margin, but I will use it in a strategic way when I feel necessary.

Anyway, January’s minimum goal is $3,037.50 (I will round up for simplicity).  Obviously, this presents a sort of dilemma, as we known winners should run.  So, do you book the gains at the minimum amounts or do you let your winners run?  This is a tightrope I will walk as I watch the portfolio/account progress.

This week, I could have booked gains of over $2,000 but I am letting my winners run and moving my stops up – trailing stops.  I am not employing electronic stops when I am able to monitor the action.  But, I will use electronic stops when I am unable to watch my positions (For example, when I have to go to court, etc).  Anyway here you go:

Goal: $100,000, Month 1 (January) Goal: $3,038, Account goal total: $15,188

Unrealized numbers after week 1 (2 days): $1,590, Account (remember, this number will be different than my gains etc because at any time my percentage invested is changing) : $14,395

Feel free to send feedback and share your success stories! Best of luck for the week! -Brad

2014 Goal Portfolio

First off, a Happy New Year to all!  May it be your most profitable yet.  So, final decision time.  I will start this portfolio with $12,150 and attempt, over the period of a year, turn it into $100,000.  Obviously, this is a hefty goal but I think it can be done.  I will keep you updated on the journey weekly.  Again, happy 2014! – Brad

New Pick – $ARIA

Well I hope you took some profits when TNGO broke out 😉  This week I will be watching ARIA for a breakout.  As you can see there is a pretty nice cup (saucer) and handle forming on the daily.  Although not perfect, (more of a bottom than a previous price gain trend for example) I think much higher prices are in store.  That being said, Bios are always risky.  Here is the chart.  An ideal cup with handle is next to it.