Weekly Update 2/22/2014

Hi guys.  This week I sold EQT and WHZ.  EQT was very profitable but was acting a too little sluggish for me.  A warning sign perhaps, or just some consolidation after a great move.  It still looks relatively good and I may jump back in.  The MACD stalled a little on the daily and there was a “bearish shooting star.”  My purchase this week was QCOR.  Now, QCOR is not for the faint of heart.  It is a very volatile stock.  But, earnings this week on Tuesday (I believe after the bell), and 25% short float.  With a good showing, QCOR could trigger a massive short squeeze propelling it much much higher.  But, of course if the showing is bad things could get ugly quick.  A read of the chart though suggests a huge run coming because as I have marked, QCOR has broken out on both the daily and weekly charts and held the level.  This would be a pivot point and I think a good spot for me to buy, which I did.  Good luck 🙂




Update for week of 2/10-14

Hi guys.  Looks like Mr. Market wanted to resolve upwards.  Anyway, how about that beautiful breakout in EQT?  What a beauty -broke out on both the daily and weekly.  I am maintaining the course on this one as there is no reason to sell here.  Just let it run.  Plus it went ex-div this week too.  A nice little bonus 😉  I also bought some WHZ but that was more for the $.65 dividend.  EQT is my biggest position at the moment.  That divergence was spot-on so far and EQT looks poised for a huge move.  Here is the weekly chart- I drew the base area which is between the red and green lines.  On a break of the green line I drew, you get a breakout.   Next week should confirm the move.




Week 6 Update

Sorry guys, got busy with a case, still in trial.  Will try to be better updating.  This market is not too good right now, I would say cash is king.  I liquidated my position in BLUE.  New pick is EQT – but I’d be weary about buying anything in this market until it resolves to one side or the other.  I will update my numbers soon, find my chart attached.  I bought on the breakout – I am looking for at least a 20 percent move on this one – notice the very bullish MACD divergence noted.


Week 4 Update

Well, how about that FB fake out.  That headfake got me yesterday, but today the gap up was quickly closed, which equates to me with a failed breakout attempt.  I will look to buy some more if the breakout holds next time it tries.  Quick stop was hit once that gap up today closed.  I added to my position in BLUE which looks poised to keep running to mid-30s and higher but we will see.  Be careful, it is a thin-low floater.  I now hold 1,200 shares.  $24.80 or so should hold as new support, and if it does we move much higher in my opinion. 





Week 3 and New Buys for Week 4

Hi guys, sorry for the late update.  I was out of town in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ, just got back to Chicago yesterday afternoon.  Wow, crazy how a couple of hours means an almost 70 degree difference in weather.  I also caught a cold which is no fun.  Anyways, last week’s numbers will have to be calculated at a different time, suffice it to say I will use the numbers from today to count as last week’s.

Account value as of close of today: $12,922.  This means a $772 gain so far this month.

So, today I sold GILD, my buy last week at a decent profit.  I bought the GILD breakout at $77.88, only 155 shares.  Today, I sold the 155 shares at $81.07.  I made a decent profit of $486.55.  Now you might be asking, doesn’t that go against your rules of holding winners and letting them run?  Well, you would be correct but I saw a much better opportunity brewing in FB.  Technically, there was really no reason to sell GILD, I just decided to move the money into a different stock.

This takes us to FB. I bought 190 shares of FB today at market, getting filled at a price of 58.2899.  Here is what I saw and why I bought:


As you can see I am looking for a Triple Top Breakout –  we had a great move today, and it looks like this will continue, probably a runner until earnings.  Only time will tell.

I also added to my holdings in BLUE, I added 50 shares at 23.77.

Week 2-Update



Well, quick update.  My stops triggered in IDRA.  Looks like it wasn’t ready to break out yet, that headfake to 5.55 was a real bummer.  I still think it will break out, just not yet.  I ended up selling out of my position; preservation of capital.  I can always get back in.

I did make two buys, hopefully I didn’t have “itchy fingers.”  But, I saw opportunity and I pounced.  From the charts you can clearly see a nice breakout on BLUE and GILD.  I bought the breakouts and expect much higher prices from both – decent sized bases.  But, as always, I must be ready to cut my losses on a dime – no hesitation.  It is quite the tight-rope between hoping and cutting the losses but a journey that I hope gets easier with expereince.  I will be out of town this weekend, but if I can find a computer (and some time), I will update my weekly numbers.  Until then, best wishes. -Brad

Week 2.1 – Continued

Today, i purchased shares near what I calculated as support in IDRA.  This support level ultimately gave way, after a long battle, to lower prices and my second calculated support level of about 4.77 which held strong.  Expected outcome is a higher prices, with tests at 4.90, 5.10, 5.29 and ultimately 5.55 which will be very strong resistance.  Depending on the action I will look to sell there.  -Brad Image